Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My entries for Eric James Stone's Kindle contest

My entries for Eric James Stone's Kindle contest

Read Eric's story An Early Ford Mustang: a great pun, a blessing and a curse, and a moral dilemma.

Read Eric's story The Robot Sorcerer: Advanced science is indistinguishable from magic--except when it's not.

Read Eric's story Unforgettable: with a main character nobody can remember and a satisfyingly ambiguous ending

Read Eric's story Tabloid Reporter to the Stars: and prepare to curse him for the surprising but inevitable ending

Read Eric's story Rejiggering the the Thingamajig: you won't understand what just happened, but you'll know it was good

Read Eric's story Salt of Judas: maybe you'll feel like the protagonist-you should probably stop, but you need to go on

Read Eric's story The Ashes of His Fathers: a touching tale of bureaucracy and sacrifice.

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