Friday, June 19, 2009

Elizabeth's First Words List as of March 20, 2009

I went to post another First Words list on my Karen's Poetry Spot blog today, and found that I never got around to posting the first one that I typed up as an email answer to my sister-in-law on March 20, 2009. We were talking about our trip to SLC for Grandma Fawnie's funeral and Marcelle said, "I'm excited to hear what Elizabeth talks to you about. :)" Here it is for those that want to compare it to the one I made today (June 19, 2009).

I was going to write back and simply say, "So far, her favorite subject for actually talking about is kitties." but then I started listing all her words and signs, and it was kind of fun, and surprising to see how much she does say to me. I'll probably turn this into a blog post now.


She only has a few words: Kitty (ki'iy), Fish (fsh), Baa (baa), Balloon (bloo), Baby (be-be), Bead (bee), Bean (bee) - do you sense a theme here? She has said Ma Ma and Da Da, though she doesn't say them very often.

Animal sounds: Sheep (baa baa), Lion (raar), Rooster (doodle-doo), Bear (grr), Dog (pant), Kitty (meow like sound without the m or w)

Signing, she has a larger vocabulary.
Animals: Doggie (pat leg, or anything else handy while panting), Bunny (make hand bounce up and down - it's supposed to have two fingers up as ears like little bunny foo-foo), Horse (bounce body like Mama is bouncing you on her knee), Frog (stick out tongue), Bear (scratch chest and growl), Bird (two fingers open and close like bird beak), Duck (whole hand open and close like duck bill), Pig (she aims for her nose with an index finger, but usually hits her mouth), Spider (grab finger of one hand with other hand and twist like itsy bitsy spider), Fish (smack lips together like fish kisses)

Social: Bye Bye (wave), Put this on (put piece of clothing near the appropriate body part -- especially shoes and hair clips and hats), Take this off (yank on clothing and whine), Reaching high (two arms up high), Pick me up (arms up or out with a whine or grunt), I want that (point with a whine or grunt), Bounce with me (bounces body), I want to climb up (lifts foot), Take me there (point while being held), Love (hug), Peekaboo (hide behind hat or blanket and then peek out), Sleepy (Rub eyes), Amen (two hands together like praying, then move them up and down), Yes you understood! (big smile and relieved chuckle)

Things: Flower (breathe heavily - it's supposed to be sniffing, but she's chronically conjested), Hat (touch head), Ball (make hand into ball shape and twist back and forth), rain (hands downward like rain falling), Fan or pinwheel (fwoosh noise like blowing on something), Light (Flick fingers like popcorn song), Book (Hands together like praying and then open like a book - though she likes to have somebody else put them together first)

Food: Eat (fingers or anything else handy to mouth), Drink (finger in mouth with hand upside down like it's lifting a cup or bottle), Cheerios (make a circle with thumb and forefinger and wiggle hand -- though she doesn't always make the circle), We're working on Cheese (wiggle two hands near mouth like Wallace and Grommit), All done (Wave hand from elbow in a dismissive gesture), No, I don't want to eat that (shake head like no while avoiding the spoon)